About – Bedlove

My Bedlove Dream

The inspiration for Bedlove came to me in a dream–which just makes perfect sense. My bedroom has always been that one place where I knew I could escape and unwind, share my most heartfelt emotions, reveal my most precious secrets, breathe deep and heal. It’s been my “forever space” of repose and renewal.

So many wondrous things occur when science and magic join hands to help our bodies and minds reconnect and recover each night. My goal as your Bedlove sleep steward–to blend the latest in sleep research with just a touch of time-honored pixie dust to help you create your own special nest, a place where you can surrender to slumber’s revitalizing magic, dream your most ambitious dreams, then wake up, rested and ready to make them come true.


Sleep happily ever after,

Laura Hubbard, Bedlove Founder & CEO

Laura Hubbard