My dream. Bedlove.

Bedlove began as a dream. Not a daydream, a deep sleep dream. We’ve all had them. You wake up with a smile, simply happy, maybe a little bouncy.

Then, you realize you have no idea why you feel this way. You cannot remember, and you really want to. What was the fantastic dreamland adventure you were having just moments before?

Here’s what I think about those dreams barely beyond our memory, those tangible illusions.

I believe those dreams are dreams that are not ready to wake up. Dreams sleep too. They know when the time is right to wake up. Sometimes, it’s not quite yet.

Then, one night, they do.
Bedlove woke up with me.
Woke up with me, because really, we are our beautiful dreams.

What is the Bedlove Dream?
To fulfill the promise of better sleep. It’s more than a promise. Bedlove encompasses the solutions for better sleep.

We have spent a few (sleepless) nights studying what helps us sleep better and why sleep is so vital to our health and wellness. After all, sleep feels so good, it is the body preparing us for success the next morning. We need it to live, to thrive.

From this, we developed sleep categories filled with only the very best products to help you sleep.
We started with Dream Washed Belgian Linen Bedding (so good, for so many reasons) and added sleepy scents, and jewelry for dreams, this is just the beginning. We want to ease into it, the way we ease into our fluffy, soft, perfect beds each night.

The promise of better sleep, beautiful sleep. We want that moment you fall into bed to be relaxing, comforting, the best it can be. Bedlove is permission to sleep, take an extra nap. Go ahead, we want you to. It’s a good idea. Feel good about your sleep.


beautiful sleep. beautiful life.